Amaebi Ceviche 甘エビのサビーチェ

japanese cake

This is what I made from the two largest amaebi shrimp we received from the latest shipment of goodies from Catalina Offshore products. This is more like a classic ceviche than the one in the previous post. In addition, I remembered that we had an interesting Martini glass and used it to serve the amaebi ceviche. I am going to present a tight shot, followed by a long shot, and a longest shot this time.

After I removed the head and roe (both shrimp had a large amount of roe) which was used in miso soup, I removed the shell and tail. I deveined and then cut it into small rounds. The marinade is mixture of freshly squeezed lime juice (4-5 tbs from 2 limes) and yuzu juice (1/2 tsp from the bottle). I added the zest of the lime (1/2 tsp, grated by a micro-grater), Vidalia spring onion (half, finely chopped), tomatoes (half, deseeded, skinned, and diced), Jalapeno pepper (1/2, seed and veins removed and finely chopped), parsley (1/2 tsp, finely chopped), salt and pepper. I mixed this into the marinade and added the shrimp. I let it steep (chemically cook) for few hours in the refrigerator.

To serve, I drained the excess marinade, added a splash of good olive oil, sake, Tabasco (after tasting, I thought, it needed a bit more heat), and soy sauce. I placed it in the Martini glass on ice and garnished it with wedge of tomato and cucumber slices.

Cold sake appears to be appropriate for this dish. Compared to the previously posted amaebi ceviche which is not really (chemically) cooked, this is more like a traditional ceviche, and it tasted good. I did this because, although the shrimp was packed with ice in the meat conpartment of the refregirator, it had been 2 days since we received the live amaebi.

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