Asazuke “Mizunasu” Water eggplant 水茄子の浅漬け

japanese cake

This is the second dish (rather preparation) of “mizunasu” 水茄子 I bought the other day. We enjoyed half of it eaten “raw’ and made the other half into “Asazuke” 浅漬け.

Instead of my usual way of making asazuke, I used brine (salt water about 4%, slightly saltier than sea water, red pepper flakes, thinly sliced kelp, and chopped ginger). As in “raw” eggplant, I made thin wedges using combination of tearing by hand and cutting with knife. I placed them in the brine in a Japanese pickling pot, cranked down the pressure plate and left them in the refrigerator overnight. 

I served this with asazuke of daikon, cucumber and carrot which I made prior to making the eggplant asazuke. This was very refreshing and we like it. Somehow, the eggplant attained a very slight sliminess on the surface and became softer in texture than we expected. Although this dish was very good, both of us prefer eating “mizunasu” totally “raw”. But who knows if or when we will be able to get fresh mizunasu again.

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