Atsuage and Namaage/厚揚げ、生揚げ

japanese cake Japanese Food
Atsuage is deep-fried tofu, and I like atsuage very much. Atsuage is also called namaage. I first learned the term namaage from my father, and I googled to find that the term atsuage is mainly used in Kansai (Western Japan) and the term namaage is mainly used in Kanto (Eastern Japan).
The photo below shows a product sold as namaage.
I first cut it into manageable sizes and then microwave it for a few minutes.
I then sprinkle chopped naganegi and katsuobushi (dried bonito shavings).
I usually pour some mentsuyu (noodle soup) concentrate, but this time, I poured some olive oil and soy sauce.

I could live on rice and this and other soy products (tofu, natto, etc.) alone for the rest of my life!

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