Baked spicy chicken wings 手羽のピリ辛焼き

japanese cake

This is another variation on the theme of chicken wings. Chicken wings are popular drinking snack in the U.S. (Buffalo wings) as well as in Izakaya in Japan. They are cheap and perfect with any drink. This variation is based on the recipe from Otsumami Yokocho p58. As you can see here, I followed the Japanese way of not removing the wing tips, although there is not much to eat in the wing tips.

I had a package of chicken wings (6). I noticed, the package had a sticker on it stating that the chicken was purely vegetarian and no animal by-products were fed–does this piece of information make me feel better about eating them? We – well, most of us – are omnivores but we like vegetarian chickens). I separated the drummetts and made a slit in the wings between two bones (ulna and radius to be precise). 

I then marinated the drummetts and wings in a Ziploc bag with sake (2 tbs), mirin (2 tbs), soy sauce (4 tbs), Chinese chili paste (1/2 tsp, use more for spicier wings, hot bean sauce 豆瓣酱 or chili garlic sauce 蒜蓉辣椒醬, I used the latter), garlic (one fat clove grated) and ginger (1/2 tsp grated) for 20-30 minutes.

I baked them in a hot oven (450F, convection on the top rack) for 10 minutes and turned them over and baked another 10 minutes until the skin became crispy and the edges browned.

I served this with a wedge of lemon (I had extra chopped parsley. I garnished the one side of the lemon wedge with this.), drunken cherry tomatoes. This is a very nice drinking snack similar to Buffalo wings with an Asian twist. It could have been a bit spicier even for us. Next time, I will increase the amount of hot chili paste.

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