Boiled Bamboo Shoots/茹で筍(たけのこ、タケノコ)

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Chiba prefecture is famous for its bamboo shoots. Yesterday, my parents were given these boiled bamboo shoots from a neighbor. I’m not quite sure what variety they are. Moso-chiki or ma-dake?

Anyway, the last time my parents received such boiled bamboo shoots, I made wakatake-ni, a nimono (simmered dish) containing bamboo shoots and wakame seaweed. My father didn’t like it and suggested that I simmer them with katsuobushi.

So, as requested by my father, I simmered the bamboo shoots with 4 packs (3 x 4 = 12 g) of katsuobushi in a pot of 400 ml water, 1 tsp instant dashi, 100 ml soy sauce, and 50 ml mirin (dashi, soy sauce, and mirin ratio of 4:1:0.5, instead of 4:1:1) for just a minute or two.
というわけで、父のリクエストに従い、この筍を鰹節4パック(3 x 4 = 12 g)と、水400 ml、出汁の素小さじ1、しょう油100 ml、みりん50 ml(出汁、しょう油、みりの割合は4:1:0.5(4:1:1ではなく))を入れた鍋で、1、2分煮ました。

My father (88) still likes such heavily seasoned simmered dishes. I would prefer lightly seasoned wakatake-ni, with dashi and  small amounts of soy sauce and mirin.

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