Chicken Patty, miso flavored, with pine nuts 鶏の松風焼き

japanese cake

This is a variation of chicken “tsukune”. The addition of pine nuts and miso make this dish distinctive. I used 1/2 lb ground chicken. Add white miso (2 tbs), mirin (2tbs), panko (1/2 cup), flour (2 tbs) and toasted pine nuts (3 tbs) and 1 egg. Mix and put in small square baking dish (I sprayed with “Pam” to prevent sticking) so that the thickness is about 1/2 inch. Put it in a 350 F oven for 15 minutes.

I think this was in one of the recipes for “Osechi” お節料理 or New Year Dishes which I saw on-line some time ago. I have made this for New Year. In that case, I cut the loaf into the shape of “Hagoita” 羽子板 and insert tooth picks to mimic the real thing and brush mirin and add “aonori” 青のり for green “pine” needle color as instructed in the original recipe (left in the above picture).

The taste is great and goes well with any drinks including red wines.

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