Chikuwa fish cake with cucumber and cheese, avocado sashimi 竹輪の射込みとアボカド刺身

japanese cake

This is another padding post. One weekend, I did not have much available for making drinking snacks and this was what I came up with. Besides, as you can see, from the light of the setting sun in the image it was a beautiful early spring day perfect for eating al fresco. 

I just used leftover chikuwa 竹輪 fishcake and stuffed it with cheese (I used smoked cheddar this time) and cucumber which I posted before.

I thought we needed one more item. So I just sliced avocado and served it sashimi style.

I served this with real wasabi and soy sauce. As I mentioned before, the problem with real wasabi is that, towards the end of the tube, only the liquid comes out and the solids remain in the tube. I cut the tube open and removed the somewhat dry appearing wasabi and add back a bit of filtered water to make it whole again. Although this one is at least one month old after thawing, it still had a nice fresh somewhat pungent smell of fresh wasabi. I cannot help but think that avocado and wasabi soy sauce is the wonderful combination. The smoked cheddar was also good with this fish cake. 

Actually, this was an unusually warm March weekend and we enjoyed this outside with sake while waiting for barbecue chickens being cooked in the Weber grill. The smell of cooking chicken mixed with hickory smoke added to the enjoyment.

P.S. Spring has sprung with a vengeance in Washington. All the flowers and trees are tripping over each other to bloom first. The cherry blossom buds are plump and ready to go. This is just a preview of upcoming blogs…Hanami (Cherry blossom gazing)!

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