Corn Jelly コーンジェリー

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This was my wife’s idea. Since she really liked the corn cob broth she made and she had some corn broth left she came up with the idea of making corn jelly.  The idea was to jell the corn cob broth and use it like fruit jelly.

We tried it on piece of the homemade bread my wife made.

And also on a type of cracker with sesame seeds.

We needed to add more pectin but finally it nicely jelled.

This is the type of fruit pectin we used. After we tasted the assertive acidity in the resulting corn jelly, we checked the package. It contains citric acid. It does not say how much but says it helps the pectin to work. In addition, there is not one word of instruction in or on the package to explain how to use it. My wife got a general idea from looking at jelly recipes on the internet. Nonetheless it was trial and error and the first attempt was error. It did not jell. We determined that we may have made two mistakes, first was not using enough of the Sure Jell powder and the second was not boiling it long enough. So we heated it up again added more powder and really boiled it. We must have done something right because it jelled.


1 cup corn cob broth

1/2 pouch of Sure Jell pectin

1/4/ cup sugar

1/2 tsp of butter (to reduce the bubbles)


Heat the broth until it comes to a boil.

Add the pectin gradually while whisking.

Add the butter

Let it comes to vigorous boil and maintain the boil for one minute then cut off the heat.

Pour it in to a glass jar and loosely cover until it cools to room temperature.

The resulting jelly was not what we envisioned and we were a bit disappointed.  All we could taste some citrus/acidity and sugar. It taste like apple jelly; any vestige of corn flavor was completely lost. Although it was not corn flavored jelly it still tasted good on buttered toast. We need to work on this recipe.

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