Doyo no Ushi no Hi/土用の丑の日

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Doyo refers to the period of about 18 days before any one of the shiryu (lit. four starts, i.e., rikka (start of summer), risshu (start of fall), ritto (start of winter), and risshun (start of spring)). The shiryu are part of the twenty-four solar terms.
no = ‘s
ushi = ox, one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac
hi = day

Doyo no ushi no hi (often referred to as the “midsummer day of the ox” in English) refers to the one or two days of the ox, depending on the year, in the doyo before the risshu (start of fall). There are two doyo no ushi no hi this year, June 25 and August 6.

It is customary to have eel on doyo no ushi no hi. It is said that Hiraga Gennai started this custom.


土用の丑の日(英語ではよく”midsummer day of the ox”と呼ばれる)は、立秋の前の土用の丑の日(年により一日か二日)を指します。今年は、丑の日が7月25日と8月6日の二日あります。


Last Saturday, I bought two packs of cheap imported eel kabayaki for 780 yen a pack. We three of us shared one pack as part of lunch today (July 25).

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