Easy corn souffle 簡単コーンスフレ

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My wife is very partial to spinach soufflé which we make for special occasions but it is a bit of work. She saw this easy corn soufflé recipe on the Washington Post site which was originally Jacques Pepin’s recipe. Instead of separating and whipping egg whites, everything is mixed in a blender and simply poured into ramekins. It appears that using a blender is the secret since it mixes in a lot of air. I served this with skinned Campari tomatoes and black bean corn salad.

This was our weekend lunch. I garnished the soufflé with chopped chives.

In typical souffle fashion the mixture rose above the rim of the ramekin and after a few minutes out of the oven quietly and elegantly collapsed…it still tasted good.


3 large eggs

1/4 cup light cream

2 ears of fresh corn

2 oz Gruyere cheese (we used smoked), cut into small chunks).

One Jalapeno pepper, seeded and veined, finely chopped (original recipe calls for Poblano pepper)

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

3 tsp chopped fresh chives, 2 mixed into the egg mixture, 1 as garnish


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Use the butter to grease the ramekins. Place them on a baking sheet.

Discard the husks and all silk of the corn. Use a sharp knife to cut the kernels off the cobs. Transfer to a blender.

Seed the Jalapeno pepper, then cut into small chunks and add to the blender.

Cut the cheese into small chunks and add to the blender. Add the eggs, light cream, salt and pepper.

Puree for about a minute, or until smooth.

Meanwhile, mince the chives. Add three-quarters of them to the souffle mixture and pulse just enough to incorporate.

Divide the souffle mixture among the souffle dishes.

Bake (middle rack, on the baking sheet) for 25 minutes, until puffed, golden brown on top.

Garnish with chopped chives. Serve right away, in the souffle dishes.

This is a good dish. It is so easy to make compared to other souffle recipes. It has a nice sweet fresh corn taste and subtle smoky flavor from the smoked gruyere cheese.

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