Egg in a pouch 卵の袋煮

japanese cake

In general Japanese are fond of hen’s eggs (or for that matter any kind of eggs either bird or fish). This ranges from “raw” eggs on rice 卵かけ御飯, omelet (either Western style or Japanese “Dashimaki” 出し巻き卵),  onsen egg 温泉卵, “tamago-toji” 卵とじ (binding topping items with beaten eggs which was lightly cooked like in Donburi どんぶり) and so on.  We like eggs but try not to eat too many. When it comes to eggs the one thing we do not like is hard boiled eggs which have been boiled to the point where a green layer of sulfur appears around a very hard egg yolk. One way to avoid this is to make a soft- or medium boiled egg, peel it and then simmer it in a broth such as in oden おでん. The yolk gets totally cooked and becomes creamy with no sulfa-rings. The same thing happens with this dish “egg-in-a-pouch” or “Tanago no fukuro-ni” 卵の袋煮.

“Fukuro” means “pouch” which in this case is made of deep fried tofu or abra-age. It is made by cracking a raw egg into the deep fried tofu pouch, sealing it with a tooth pick and simmering it in broth. The result is a creamy egg yolk without the sulfur ring but with the added texture and flavor of the deep dried tofu. Besides, busting into it is like opening a surprise package particularly if you do not know what is inside the pouch.

This dish is usually cooked in “nitsuke” 煮付け but I made  it as part of oden this time. The above are daikon, carrots, “chikuwa” 竹輪 fish cake and the “egg in a pouch” served with Japanese hot mustard.

When you cut into it, you can see the totally cooked and creamy yolk without the green sulfa ring. My wife said, that, although this is very good, she prefers a simple boiled egg in oden.

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