Enoki and shiitake mushrooms in miso butter sauce えのきと椎茸の味噌バーター

japanese cake
This is a variation of what I posted some years ago. For some reason, our regular grocery store stopped carrying shiitake mushrooms.  So, when we were at Whole Foods, I got enoki and shiitake mushrooms. I made this small dish to go with wine.

Some sweetness from mirin and nutty miso mixed with butter is a good combination.

This dish goes well with wine or sake.

I made this in an aluminum foil pouch in our toaster oven. So, the clean up was easy.


1 package of enoki mushroom, root portion cut off and separated.

2-3 fresh shiitake mushrooms, stem removed and caps cut into thin strips.

2 scallions, finely chopped.

1 tbs of mirin

1 tbs of miso

1 tsp of butter


In the center of a sheet of aluminum foil place the butter, scallion, mushrooms and fold to make a pouch. Before sealing, add the mirin and miso. Pinch the opening to close.

Place it in 350F toaster oven  for 30 minutes.

Open the pouch and mix the miso and liquid to make sauce and serve.

This is a quick comforting dish with nice texture and the flavors of enoki (with a texture almost like noodles) and shiitake (meaty and earthy) mixed with butter and miso tastes. 

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