French Omelet with sous vide pasteurized eggs 自家製滅菌卵のフレンチオムレツ

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I was experimenting with sous vide pasteurized shell eggs after an anonymous reader led me to another article which suggested using slightly higher temperature for a shorter duration of time. Using these pasteurized eggs, I made this French omelet based on a recipe that appeared in the Washington Post food section. Instead of wrapping the stuffing with omelet, the egg and filling are rolled together into a cylinder. I served this with my potato salad.

The below is the cut surface.

I made a 2 egg omelet and shared it with my wife.


Eggs, 2 large (I used home pasteurized eggs, 57C for 75 minutes).

Light cream, 2 tbs (The original recipe calls for whole milk).

Fresh herbs (the recipe called for fresh chives and basil which I did not have so I used chopped scallion including the green part).

Salt and white pepper

Gruyere cheese

The home pasteurized eggs had slightly opaque egg whites and took a bit longer to beat completely. In a non-stick frying pan, I melted butter on medium flame and poured in the egg mixture. Placing the spatula in the center, I shook the pan quickly so that small curds formed. After vigorous shaking and mixing, I let it cook undisturbed until the bottom was firmly set but the top was still loose. I then placed chopped (or grated) Gruyere cheese on the top. I put the pan under the broiler (see below) until the cheese started melting. Using a spatula, I rolled the omelet in the frying pan.

I like this recipe. It is much easier to form an omelet. Since I used pasteurized eggs, I left some uncooked egg in the center  which mixed with melted cheese. If I had fresh herbs, this could have been better. Perfect breakfast or midnight snack.

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