Fresh Corn Risotto 新鮮トウモロコシリソト

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This risotto was my wife’s idea. I just made it. We were heavily indulging in fresh corn since it was local fresh corn season. We enjoyed corn souffle, corn rice, corn pudding, and corn “cob” soup. We posted all previously. So, my wife suggested we make corn risotto using leftover corn rice and corn “cob” broth. We also added fresh corn kernels to make sure all the corn flavors were concentrated in this dish. I suggested adding jalapeno pepper or parsley (mostly for color), but my wife vetoed the suggestion; she wanted “pure” corn flavors. We did not even use shallots or onion.

So, it does look a bit monochromatic but this is the ultimate fresh corn experience.


About one cup Corn rice made from fresh corn kernels and corn “cob” broth.

Corn “cob” broth, as needed (probably close to 1 cup).

Fresh corn kernels, about half a cup

Butter, unsalted, 1 tbs

Salt to taste


Since our leftover corn rice was frozen, we thawed it by microwaving for 30-45 seconds.

In a non-stick frying pan, I melted the butter and cooked the rice and fresh corn kernels until coated.

I added the corn broth in increments as I stirred until each addition of the liquid got absorbed.

I repeated this until I reached the desired creamy consistency.

I added a few more pats of butter and seasoned it with Kosher salt.

This is indeed the ultimate corn experience. It was a very comforting dish with lots of fresh corn flavors. I thought that we had made too much and there would be left-overs…but it did not happen. Both my wife and I were members of the “clean plate” club. This was the perfect dish to finish the evening.

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