Fried tofu stuffed with Raclette cheese きつねラクレット

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Fried tofu stuffed with Raclette cheese きつねラクレット (Mark’s book P80)

This is the recipe from Mark’s book (p80) and is a variation of a classic dish. In the classic, tofu pouches “abrura-age”  油揚げ are stuffed with “natto” 納豆, which I posted previously. This version use Raclette cheese. It is remarkably good and simple to make. I did not have prunes in our pantry, so I could not make the “prunes cooked in wine” which was the suggested accompaniment for this dish in the recipe.

Just briefly reiterate the recipe from the book, stuff a tofu pouch (small “inari” 稲荷 version works best) with slices of Raclette cheese and finely chopped white parts of scallions. Toast it in a toaster oven until the tofu pouch becomes nicely brown and crunchy and the cheese has melted. Garnish with finely chopped green parts of scallions and serve while it is hot. I used bit of a soy sauce, in addition.  Althouhg we like the classic version with “natto”, this one is very very good. It is amazing how well melted Raclett cheese and toasted tofu pouch go together. This will be great with wine either white or red.

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