Hamachi tartar with miso, parmesan cheese and walnuts ハマチのなめろう

japanese cake

I have posted namerou なめろう made from tuna sashimi. Here I made a similar dish with some additional twists using hamachi sashimi

Ingredients included; Hamachi sashimi, scallion, fresh mint, miso, grated ginger and garlic, toasted and chopped walnuts, and grated parmesan cheese.

These ingredients were chopped together (scallion, mint leaves, and walnuts were pre-chopped). The amount of the ingredients are all arbitrary. I came up with this primarily because we did not have perilla but we did have mint. Since I was using mint, I decided to introduce more Western ingriedients such as walnuts and parmesan cheese.

This is not bad at all but my wife felt that the grated garlic was too strong and dominated the taste. The walnuts (which must be toasted to fully enhance their flavor) gave it a nice textural contrast.  The mint was not too strong and parmesan cheese gave it a subtle overtone of cheese flavor. Over all, this qualified as a success (even with the garlic). Although, next time, I will definitely omit garlic. I often have the characteristic problem of continually adding other stuff to this type of dish. Even this time, I thought about putting in lemon zest, sesame oil, Yuzu-koshou, and/or Tabasco but I refrained–next time I may not be so conservative.

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