Happy New Year 2014 明けましておめでとう 2014

japanese cake

Happy New Year! It is 2014 and the year of the horse. Last year was eventful with the sad departure of some relatives and some dear friends. Nonetheless we had a memorable visit to Japan in the fall visiting family and friends such as Tako grill in Kuorishi. In addition, we finally got to meet Dave デイブちゃん and Tobias とびちゃん.

On our trip to Japan this year we added white and red horses from Kyoto and a brown one from Asakusa to our collection of zodiac animals.

Beside some new year dishes I made, we again got “Osechi” boxes おせち料理 from Sushi taro 寿司太郎 (more details to come). As usual, we had the New Year’s day brunch/feast in our “tea room”.

The dishes I made were my mother’s “famous” marinated “Russian” salmon ロシア漬け (left lower) and Daikon namasu  なます with vinegared octopus 酢蛸 (left upper), datemami 伊達巻 (yellow roll), Matsukaze-yaki 松風焼き (left of the prawn) and herring roe 数の子 from Hokkaido sent in this year’s “care package” by my mother.

We also had our usual “Ozouni” お雑煮 with deep fried tofu pouch-wrapped mochi 餅巾着 (my wife’s preference. She claims it is the only way to keep mochi under control and “on a leash”…It tastes good too.)

The sake we had was from Miyagi prefecture, “Uragasumi Zen” Junmai Ginjo 浦霞『禅』純米吟醸. The day was nothing too different from any other year. But still a very nice quiet enjoyable New Year’s day. (Details to follow). Happy New Year to all of you and yours!!

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