Kampachi cured with Kelp カンパチの昆布締め

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Kampachi カンパチ is usually called “Amber jack” or sometimes “young” hamachi ハマチ which is young “buri” ブリ but appears to be different from the Hamchi/Buri family—confusing?. The taste of the meat is similar to Hamachi, albeit more delicate. We got this kampachi from a source that is new for us called “Fish for Sushi“. I made “Kobu Jime” 昆布締め or kelp cured kampachi. This preparation results in a kampachi with a firmer texture and subtle but definitively  enhanced “Umami” flavor 

The kelp-curing technique is commonly used for white meat sashimi fish especially flounder but I thought it will be interesting to use it for kampachi. After thawing the fish completely (#1), I divided it into the loin and belly parts (#2). I thinly sliced the loin meat obliquely to get thin but larger pieces. I wiped the surface of the dried kelp sheet with a wet paper towel and placed the slices of kampachi on it (#3). I folded the kelp to completely cover the slices. I wrapped the kelp packet in plastic wrap and placed it in the refrigerator for several hours. When I opened it, the kampachi slices were almost transparent and the texture was firmer since the water had been drawn into the kelp and umami from the kelp infused into the fish (#4).

This is certainly a worthwhile preparation for kampachi.

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