Marinated Salmon and salmon roe “Oyako” rice bowl 鮭のマリネといくらの親子丼

japanese cake

I still had some leftover Russian marinated salmon from the New Year. One evening I made this small “donburi” 丼 as an ending dish. In Japanese culinary parlance, “Oyako” 親子, meaning parents and offspring, denotes dishes in which both offspring (eggs) and parent (meat) are used in the same dish.  The most common is a combination of egg and chicken in a donburi called “Oyako donburi” 親子丼. Another rendition is the combination of salmon (grilled, cold smoked, or sashimi) and salmon roe “Sake Oyako donduri”. Since I had marinated salmon and I prepared Ikura in sake and soy sauce a few days ago, I came up with this dish.


I just made vinegared rice, added nori strips and julienned perilla leaves, I then placed Russian marinated salmon and onion and topped it with Ikura in soy sauce and sake.

The combination of saltiness with vinegar flavor both from the rice and the marinated salmon works well.

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