Natto with canned mackerel in miso sauce 納豆さば味噌

japanese cake

I saw this recipe using canned mackerel in miso sauce サバの味噌煮 and natto 納豆.  Since I had one can of mackerel in miso sauce and one package of frozen natto, I decided to give it a go.  We had this with cold sake.

Since I made this from my memory of the recipe. When I finally found the recipe again I saw I had modified it a bit.

I garnished this dish with chopped chives.


Mackerel in miso sauce, one can (#1).

Nattou, 1 package (#2), the original calls for 3 packs but that would have been too much (especially for my wife).

Miso paste, 1 tbs

Sugar, 1/2 tbs

Sake, 2 tbs (this was not in the original recipe).


1. Add the mackerel with its sauce to the pan (#3) and add the miso and sugar (#4).

2. Add the sake and stir mashing the fish into small pieces (#5).

3. When the mixture starts to simmer add the nato (#6).

4. Keep stirring until the liquid evaporates and the desired consistency is attained (about 10-15 minutes on low flame).

The original started with dark sesame oil and finely chopped ginger. It also included the addition of Japanese dried red pepper which could have added more complexity to the flavor. While I was cooking the mixture with the kitchen exhaust fan on high, my wife came back in from the deck where she had been sitting and told me it smelled pretty bad out there (apparently all the smell of natto was expelled into the outside air over the deck–sorry neighbors). I served this warm with a garnish of chopped chives. This was ok but the smell of natto was still there albeit faint. My wife suggested it would probably be pretty good served cold which may reduce the smell a bit.

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