New Year’s day sashimi assortment 元旦の刺身盛り合わせ

japanese cake

We were lucky this year that we received uni 雲丹, fatty “ootro” tuna 鮪の大トロ, and Monk fish liver “ankimo” 鮟肝 on December 31 from Catalina Offshore Products after we got email from them stating that uni might not be available since the ocean was rought etc.

Instead of usual sashimi accompaniment 刺し身のけん, I used vinegared “Namasu” diakon 大根なます garnished with ikura salmon roe and octopus. Herring roe 数の子 and marinated salmon were also added. Ankimo was served in a separate plate with orange marmalade-soy sauce.

It was a nice start for New Year’s Izakaya feast.

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