Onsen egg with “Mozuku” in sweet vinegar 温泉卵とモズクの甘酢

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This is a variation on the theme of “Onsen” egg 温泉卵. I put this dish together in a hurry on a weekday evening after work. I thawed a package of frozen “mozuku” もずく in sweet vinegar on the previous weekend but we did not eat it (we had other items and could not get to it). Since I also had a pair of “Onsen” eggs that  I had made using my Sous Vide machine, I decided to combine them into a starter dish.

I divided the mozuku into two bowls, cracked open and dropped an onsen egg into each bowl, garnished it with thinly sliced scallion, “real” wasabi and a drizzle of  “noodle” sauce or mentsuyu 麺つゆ from the bottle. That’s it.

The egg yolk was nicely creamy and this combination worked very well. For this dish, we had to have cold sake.

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