Pasta with black truffle and cream sauce 黒トリュフとクリームソースパスタ

japanese cake

This is an extravaganza I prepared using the remaining black truffles. If we could not taste or smell black truffles with this pasta dish, we have to give up tasting truffles. I made this as simple as I can make it without garlic and without red pepper flakes; just olive oil, salt, cream, and garnish of chopped chives.

I just cooked the Angel hair pasta according to the instructions on the package. Meanwhile, I sliced off both ends of a black truffle and minced it. In a frying pan, I heated good olive oil and sautéed the pasta and mixed in the minced truffle, seasoned it with salt and cream (3-4 tbs) and reduced it for a few minutes. Off heat, I added thinly sliced truffles as you can see in the picture above. (I used a small sharp utility knife since I did not have a truffle slicer).

The taste? Well, this amount of truffles, we should be able to taste them. They definitely had a good earthy aroma wafting from this dish. The taste? I am not sure. It has a interesting texture and more aroma than the taste. Although my wife said it was something familiar, something she has tasted before. 

We decided  to go with a very inexpensive (but got 90 from Robert Parker) Riondo Prosecco for this dish. This effervescent light wine with floral note was perfect without overwhelming the truffle.

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