Pork and barbecued pork walnut loaf ウォールナット入り豚肉のローフ

japanese cake

This is a variation of “Matsukaze-yaki” 松風焼きchicken loaf which also serves as leftover control. I am always looking for ways to use up the leftover barbecued meat we make almost every weekend. I found that chopping up the BBQed pork is a good way to use the leftover pork. This pork loaf was made using both raw ground pork (hand chopped from the trimmings of pork tenderloins) and hot smoked BBQed pork. I also added roasted walnuts for additional texture and flavor. I served this as a drinking snack with spicy tofu and broccoli with melted cheese and my figgy cranberry sauce.

This is quite good. The smokey flavor from the BBQed pork really added to the taste.

I made this without following any recipe and did not measure anything but the below measures are my best guess.


Ground pork (hand chopped from the trimmings of pork tenderloins) about 150grams.

Hot smoked pork (left over) chopped finely about 150gram

Walnuts, toasted , skin removed by rubbing in a kitchen towel (my wife has dedicated kitchen towels for this) and chopped coarsely (amount arbitrary)

Miso 2 tbs

Soy sauce 1tsp

Mirin 1 tbs

Panko bread crumbs, 2-3 tbs

Eggs, 2 medium, beaten


Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Prepare the shallow baking pan, coated with olive oil and parchment paper placed on the bottom.

Place the meat mixture and spread to half inch thick.

Bake in 350F oven (I used my toaster oven on convection mode) for 30 minutes (below)

Wait until it is cool enough to handle and remove from the pan by tipping on a cutting board (because of the parchment paper), the loaf will come out easily.

Cut the loaf into small rectangles.

Combining cooked, smoked pork with raw ground pork is a good idea. It added an infusion of smokey flavor to the very tender texture provided by the raw pork. This version made with all pork, miso and walnuts created quite a different flavor profile from the chicken and pine nuts of the original “Matsu-kaze-yaki”.

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