Ratatouille with a poached egg ラタトゥユのポーチドエッグのせ

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We got the idea for this dish from Eric Ripert‘s TV show. Since we had leftover ratatouille, it is very easy to make. From our experience of trying a few baked egg dishes such as  Oeuf cocotte, we learned that baking eggs and having them come out just right instead of raw or like rubber, is very difficult. When the yolks are just done perfectly, the whites are not done or the whites are done but the yolks are overcooked. So whenever we see “baked” eggs recipes, we use “poached” eggs instead. This way we have a much better control over the doneness of the eggs.

I put leftover ratatouille in a small ramekin and warmed it in a 375F toaster oven for 20 minutes (or microwave). I then placed a poached egg on top of the ratatouille and topped with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. Since I did not have any fresh herbs, I sprinkled dried thyme (fresh basil or thyme would be nice).

Here is the dish after the yolk was broken*. I think this is a combination which can not go wrong. This could be a breakfast or late night drinking snack.

*Please note that we use pasteurized shell eggs . Use pasteurized eggs or safe eggs from an alternative source for any dishes for which you undercook or not cook eggs.

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