Rice porridge with salmon roe and grilled tarako お粥とイクラ、焼き鱈子

japanese cake

This is another example of “shime” 締め or 〆, an ending dish. I just made simple rice porridge using leftover cooked rice. I add about twice the amount of water (“dashi”) to cooked rice (if you start with raw rice, add volume of water 5 times the volume of rice) in a pot (I use ceramic “ukihira” 雪平/行平 or single handled lidded ceramic pot specifically designed for making rice porridge but any pot will do). I did not make “dashi” from scratch this time and used granulated instant dashi. I simmered for 15-20 minutes in a very low flame. Toward the final 10 minutes, I added sliced fresh shiitake mushroom. When the porridge is done, I add thinly sliced scallion and a beaten egg and mix, let it stand for 1-2 minutes and serve. I intentionally did not add any salt since the condiments are rather salty. 

The condiments are salmon roe (ikura), beer marinated daikon 大根のビール漬け, blanched broccoli rabe or rapini (taste similar to “annohana” 菜の花), and broiled cod roe. This partially cooked tarako is a rather classic way of serving tarako called “yakitarako” 焼き鱈子. For adding to a bento box or to rice balls or “onigiri” おにぎり, you almost always use “yakitarako” rather than raw tarako. I use a toaster oven and place a sac of tarako on aluminum foil and “toast” as though you are toasting slices of bread. I repeat the process after turning the tarako 90 degree. You have to have all the sides cooked but the center should be uncooked. Somehow, partially cooking the tarako will add another dimension and texture contrast. Feel free to put these condiments into the porridge and enjoy.

This is a very comforting dish to end your Izakaya feast.

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