Salmon salad sushi 鮭のサラダ寿司

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After my wife had sushi made with tuna salad ツナサラダ (canned tuna dressed in mayo) in Japan, she was convinced that mayo and sushi rice are a good combination. We tried hand rolls of sashimi tuna dressed in mayonnaise which was quite good. I also made “imitation” negi-toro 擬制ネギトロ from low quality frozen yellow tail tuna using mayonnaise. I then made a “donburi” with it  ネギトロ丼 which was also very good. One evening, my wife, all of the sudden, asked me to make sushi out of my salmon salad as an ending dish. I often make salmon salad from leftover salmon after we have a salmon dinner. The version of salmon salad we had was made from  flaked cooked salmon, chopped sweet onion, celery, and fresh dill dressed with mayo, Dijon mustard and the Greek yogurt my wife makes. We usually eat this as a sandwich or a canapé.  I complied with her request and made salmon salad sushi.

I garnished it with thin slices of cucumber.

I made it in “Gunkan” 軍艦 or battle ship style. I just used our frozen rice which I microwaved and then dressed with sushi vinegar. This is not the best sushi I have ever had but it was certainly quick and more than just edible.

Having this dish, further confirmed my wife’s belief that sushi rice and mayo are an excellent match, and I have to agree. This was an impromptu “shime” 〆 ending dish and it was quite good. Now, she is lobbying me to make “egg salad” sushi, we will have to see.

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