Salmon sausages from Hokkaido サーモンソーセージ

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For the New Year, my mother sent us her usual “care package”. For reasons, particularly unknown to us, the package took well over a month to arrive.  An investigation into the tracking indicated that it arrived in the U.S. where it just disappeared (so much for the usefulness of tracking). We had actually decided that the package got “lost” in transit never to be seen again–someone had an interesting free New Year’s feast? Imagine our surprise when it showed up on our door step several weeks later (no explanation from USPS). In any case, all of the food included in the package was either smoked, dried or processed seafood of Hokkaido and was, therefore, not the worst for the delay.  These items are from Satou Suisan 佐藤水産 in Sapporo 札幌市 which specializes in Hokkaido’s famous seafood especially salmon. We have been enjoying salmon “toba” 鮭のトバ and salmon “chips” サーモンチップス for some time especially with bourbon and water. We almost finished everything in the package. Before its all gone, however, I decided to post a few of the items left. This was a starting snack one evening. Dried salmon chips (right upper), soft “atarime” あたりめ which is a type of dried and pressed squid (same as “surume” するめ but “suru” in Japanese means “to lose, especially in gambling, so by replacing “suru” with “atari” which means to “hit a jack pot” for a good luck, right lower) and two kinds of salmon sausages サーモンソーセージ (left upper and lower).

I also added mayo with Japanese 1 flavor hot pepper flakes 一味唐辛子 and soy sauce with skinned Campari tomato and blanched broccoli.

The below are pictures of the packages of the salmon sausage. As we posted before, I never liked fish sausages as a kid and as an adult I still do not like it. The left below is the salmon sausages; one is black since it contains squid ink and black pepper. The right below are “Salmon chips” and dried squid “atarime”. This particular “atarime” was not just shredded dried squid but also pressed thin which made it not too chewy and easier to eat.

We liked the salmon chips and salmon toba. “atarime” was also nice especially heated up briefly in the toaster oven. The salmon sausages were supposedly made of 100% salmon meat but for us, it tasted about the same as any fish sausage. We did not experience anything that tasted like salmon and we could not distinguish any difference between the regular and black salmon sausage. In short, both were tasteless but had a nice texture. Although my mother was worried that the package was lost and when we told her it arrived, she was worried everything had been spoiled but nothing was bad and we stretched out our enjoyment of these items for a few months.

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