Samosa Croquette サモサコロッケ

japanese cake

We had leftover stuffing when we made samosa using egg roll skin. We decided to make a croquette samosa or “サモサコロッケ”. This one also had non-traditional chopped (roasted) pork meat as well.

Instead of the traditional Japanese oval and flat shape (“kobann-gata” 小判型 which is made that way to represent the shape of old Japanese gold currency in the Edo 江戸 period), I made it in the “Tawara” 俵* shape with cheddar cheese in the middle (see below).

*Tawara is cylindrical container woven from dried straw which was often used to store and transport rice in old Japan.

Since “curry” flavor is common in Japanese potato croquette or “potato korokke”, we thought samosa seasoning would go well. Indeed this was very good.

We added “tonkatsu” sauce and enjoyed it with a sip of Cabernet.

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