San Tate Soba/三たてそば

japanese cake Japanese Food
San tate refers to three tates, hiki tate (just ground), uchi tate (just made (kneaded)), and yude tate (just boiled). San tate soba is said to be very tasty.
Yesterday, my father finished thrashing most of the buckwheat we harvested recently. He said he wanted to have soba for supper.

We ground some buckwheat grains into flour, using the R-440 coffee mill capable of making espresso grinds. (Like I said previously, the R-440 is available in two types.)

We got 340 g of buckwheat flour. As requested by my father, I added 80 g of wheat flour as tsunagi (binder).
そば粉が340 gできました。父の言う通り、つなぎとして小麦粉を80 g入れました。

I used my noodle maker.

My father said it was quite delicious. I thought it was just so-so. He said he would make soba by himself the next time. I wonder if he can keep kneading the dough for 20 minutes…

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