Skirt steak and quick “asazuke” vegetable スカートステーキと即席浅漬

japanese cake
Again, this is a nothing dish from leftovers. I usually try to make “asazuke” vegetables on the weekend so that we can eat them during the following week. I did not manage to do that last weekend so I quickly made instant “asazuke”. I had a small amount of skirt steak leftover from when I made fajitas. Hence this instant drinking snack.

Instant “azsazuke”: I cut a mini-cucumber into small chunks (“rangiri“) (one) and daikon into thin, quarter rounds (1 inch segment of medium sized daikon).  I salted, mixed and let stand on the cutting board for 10 minutes or until the excess liquid came out. I squeezed even more excess liquid out using a paper towel.  I put the vegetables into a small Ziploc bag, poured in ponzu-shouyu sauce (from the bottle) and Japanese 7 favored red pepper. I massaged the cucumber from the outside of the bag and let it sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving.

Skirt steak: I sliced the steak thinly across the grain and mixed with leftover onion and chopped jalapeno pepper (again from the fajitas), grated garlic (from the tube), and soy sauce.

I made skinned Campari tomato cut into flower petal shapes and used it as a center piece with a sprinkling of salt. This is a nothing dish but served as a good starter.

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