Sunomono (Vinegared Dish) of Wakame and Cucumbers/わかめときゅうりの酢の物

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Wakame seaweed is often combined with cucumbers to make a sunomono (vinegared dish). My version is a combination of wakame and sliced cucumbers, plus some other ingredients like canned corn and fake crab meat (“kanikama”, known as surimi in France and other countries), seasoned with a 1:3 mixture of sugar and vinegar. For wakame, I usually use a cheap, imported product. My parents’ version is simpler, just a combination of wakame and cucumber, but is seasoned with much more sugar and vinegar. As for wakame, my father insists that fresh wakame be used.
So, I had to buy a pack of fresh wakame the other day.

Usually, fresh wakame is salted, and must be rinsed with several changes of water.

Then cut it into manageable sizes.

In a mixing bowl, I added 1/3 fresh wakame and 3 sliced cucumbers.

Then, I asked my father to season them with sugar and vinegar. I was surprised to see the generous amounts of sugar and vinegar he added to the bowl.


Well, way too sweet for my taste.

Images of wakame cucumber sunomono/わかめ きゅうり 酢の物の画像

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