Tofu steak 豆腐ステーキ

japanese cake
This is a fairly common Izakaya dish. It is easy and quick to make but tastes good. Again, there are a few variations to this dish. This is how I did it this evening.

I first made 1/2 inch thick slices (I made 4 for 2 servings) of firm tofu. I put them between paper towels and removed the excess water. Although, you do not have to, I decided to dredge them in potato starch or Katakuri-ko 片栗粉.

I added vegetable oil (2 tbs) in a frying pan (in retrospect I should have used a non-stick pan) on medium heat. I fried one side for 1 minute or until it was nicely browned. I then turned it over and cooked the other side for 1 minute. I drizzled undiluted “Mentsuyu” 麺つゆ (2x concentrate) from the bottle on the tofu slices. (You could use just soy sauce.) It sizzles vigorously. I turned down the heat and turned over the tofu slices one more time to coat all the surfaces with the sauce. Essentially no liquid remained in the pan.

I served this with a dab of grated ginger root, an put a little bit more “Mentsuyu” over the tofu slices. This is a simple but perfect Izakaya dish. This will go with almost any drink but we went for cold sake (again). I garnished with a plum blossom from the backyard where the tree just started to bloom. Spring is near.

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