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Coffee jelly is very popular in Japan. Shukan Flavor 3 is about coffee jelly.
I have made coffee jelly using instant coffee once, and it wasn’t good at all, so when I watched this video, I decided to give Nakagawa-san’s recipe a try.
Brief description of the recipe:
50 g dark roast coffee beans suitable for iced coffee or Mocha coffee beans
(Nakagawa-san says that he doesn’t know why, but Mocha coffee tastes good when made into coffee jelly.)
13 g gelatin
1. In one server, dissolve gelatin in 200 ml cold water.
2. In another server, make 300 ml coffee with the Matsuya method.
3. Add coffee to the server in 1.
4. Add cold water to obtain 650 ml solution.
At 29:45, Nakagawa-san shows what he calls a “revolutionary gadget”. It’s just a Japanese teapot with a strainer in it. He claims that by using it, you can make bubble-less coffee jelly.
アイスコーヒー用の深煎りのコーヒー豆またはモカのコーヒー豆 50 g
ゼラチン 13 g
1. サーバーで、ゼラチンを水200 mlに溶かします。
2. 別のサーバーで松屋式でコーヒーを300 ml作ります。
3. コーヒーを1.のサーバーに入れます。
4. 水を足して、液を650 mlにします。
One day, I made coffee jelly by following Nakagawa-san’s recipe, except that I used 10 g gelatin and made 500 ml solution (same gelatin-to-liquid ratio as Nakagawa-san’s) and I skipped the teapot technique.
ある日、中川さんのレシピに従ってコーヒーゼリーを作りました。ただし、ゼラチンは10 g、液は500 ml(ゼラチンと液の割合は中川さんのレシピと同じ)にし、急須を使ったテクニックは省略しました。
I divided the solution into four sake glasses, so my family of four could have one each.
I had one glass with some cream and home-made sugar syrup, and found it wasn’t good enough. I thought it was no different from cheap store-bought coffee jelly or the coffee jelly I made previously using instant coffee. I was really disappointed. I wanted to figure out why it wasn’t good.

First, I asked my family not to have the coffee jelly because it wasn’t good. Then, I decided to have the coffee jelly with undiluted, very strong iced coffee, made with the Matsuya method.

Top left: Home-made sugar syrup
Top right: Undiluted, very strong iced coffee
Bottom left: Cream
Bottom right: One glass of coffee jelly
左上: 自家製のガムシロップ
右上: 薄めてない、とても濃いアイスコーヒー
左下: クリーム
右下: コーヒーゼリーの入ったコップ 

I mixed them all together and had them.
The iced coffee tasted great, while the coffee jelly was like jelly made with barley tea…

I realized that coffee made with the Matsuya method wouldn’t be suitable for making coffee jelly. So, I made coffee jelly with coffee brewed in a normal way. I changed the gelatin-to-liquid ratio: 10 g gelatin and more than 600 ml liquid. (My son said that the jelly shown above was too hard, and I thought he was right.)
普通の方法で淹れたコーヒーでコーヒーゼリーを作りました。ゼラチンと液の割合も変えました。ゼラチン10 gに液が600 ml以上(息子によれば、上記のゼリーは硬すぎるとのこと。私もそう思いました)。 

The jelly was better than the first.

Yesterday, I made another attempt, using home-made dark roast coffee beans.

I sprinkled some sugar and “Bright” (cream powder).
The best coffee jelly I’ve ever had!

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