Decent Drip Coffee/まともなドリップコーヒー

Japanese Coffee
I’ve been staying at my parents’ house for more than four months now, and one of the things I miss is a cup of coffee that I used to brew from freshly ground coffee beans almost every day.
Yesterday, I went shopping and found this product.
 “19 yen per cup…, I might as well give it a try,” I thought. This is not the first time that I have tried such a product. I know that it can produce passable coffee.
Just tear off the top of a bag, and place the bag inside a mug.
Pour a small amount of hot water for blooming, leave for 20 seconds or so, and pour the rest of the water.
The resultant coffee was not bad. In fact, it was quite good!
Note that such products have been around for decades, and are nothing to write home about. I would not write about them if I had not viewed YouTube videos such as this and this.

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