Iced Coffee/アイスコーヒー

Japanese Coffee Japanese Food
I usually roast 360 g of green coffee once a week to obtain about 300 g of roasted coffee, using my perforated shallow pot. The weight loss is around 14-16%.
Left: Medium roast (13.8% weight loss, if I remember correctly), roasted last week
Right: Dark roast (16.3% weight loss), roasted this week
通常、週に一回、穴あきの浅鍋で生豆(きまめ、なままめ)360 g焙煎して、焙煎後は約300 gにしています。重量減は14~16%前後です。

I usually hate dark roasts (I hate coffee that is simply bitter). For iced coffee, however, I need a dark roast.

I still use a manual coffee mill.

It’s not that I can’t afford to buy an electric one. I still prefer grinding coffee beans manually, because I can tell exactly how the beans have been roasted by manually grinding them.

It’s easy to make iced coffee with the Matsuya method. After you make very strong coffee, you just dilute it with cold water or pour it in a glass containing ice cubes, instead of diluting it with hot water.

When it comes to coffee, I’m much of a purist. I don’t want to add any gum syrup or sugar.

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