2012 Kokusai Gotochi Gourmet Grand Prix in Minami Uonuma Bokushi Dori, Part 2/2012国際ご当地グルメグランプリin南魚沼牧之通り、パート2

Japanese Food
On the second day, I had Sanjo Curry Ramen, just I had planned.
This board says, “Niigata Go Dai Ramen” (Five Great Ramen in Niigata), one of which is Sanjo Curry Ramen.
300 yen per bowl.  Very reasonable!
I had been curious about the flavor.  I was a little disappointed because it was just that, I mean, ramen noodles + curry.
Photo taken from the back.
I really wanted to have “Tsubame Se Abura Chuka Soba”(Pork Back Oil Chinese Noodles in Tsubame), which is one of the Five Great Ramen in Niigata, but I gave up on it, because I thought having another bowl of ramen would be just too much.
Instead, I decided to have spaghetti from Hotel Italia Ken, a famous hotel in Niigata city.
Amatriciana, 500 yen
I was a little disappointed that they used frozen spaghetti…
I felt sorry for the Italian lady, who had to manage the money, dress the spaghetti with dried basil and grated cheese, and serve the dishes to customers, all by herself.
I talked to her, “It’s tough working all by yourself!”  She replied she was OK, and added something like, “The chefs are having a tougher time.”
Very good!
This is how the Grand Prix winner is selected:  When you purchase one item, you will receive one coin, and you put the coin into the slot of the item you like.  The item that gets the most coins will be the winner.
By the way, I got this mini towel from the Sanjo Curry Ramen booth.
They say that if you go to one of those restaurants that serve Sanjo Curry Ramen and show this handkerchief, you will get a discount.

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