Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp) Heads/甘エビの頭

Japanese Food

The other day, I made miso soup with shrimp heads, like I did previously.
This time, however, I grilled the shrimp heads in the toaster oven before adding them to the pot, and I refrained from adding dashi no moto (instant dashi), the main ingredient of which is MSG.
I tasted the miso soup, and I found it rather weak. I didn’t tell my family that I didn’t add instant dashi, but they all knew instantly that there was something missing in the miso soup.

I know what the problem is. We have become so accustomed to the strong flavor of MSG that we find any foods or dishes without MSG to be bland.
何が問題かは分かっています。 MSGの強い味に慣れてしまっているので、MSGが入っていない食品や料理は味気ないと思ってしまうのです。

I didn’t see any effect of grilling the shrimp heads before adding to the pot. I don’t think this is necessary if the shrimp heads are fresh enough.

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