Apricots Simmered with Sugar/アンズの砂糖煮

Japanese Food

I love apricots! My father comes from an area in Nagano (aka Shinshu) that is famous for its apricots and I have had canned apricots since a child. When I went shopping the other day, I spotted fresh apricots sold, they were so tempting that I had to buy one pack for 380 yen. One pack contained eight apricots. When I tasted one, I found it didn’t taste very good, so I decided to simmer them with sugar. So, here is what I did last night:
600 g apricots
150 g sugar
Cut each apricot in half lengthwise. Put them in an enameled pot, add sugar, bring to a boil on low heat, shaking the pot occasionally, and keep simmering for 1-2 min.
アンズ600 g
砂糖150 g

I put the apricots in the fridge, and tasted one piece this morning. Incredibly tasty!

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