Award-Winning Recipe for Hot Cakes Containing Enoki/受賞した「エノキ入りホットケーキ」レシピー

Japanese Food
On August 30, I won the “Idea Award” at the Mushroom Recipe Contest, conducted by the Uonuma Kinoko and Sansai Promotion Association, as described here (Japanese only).
I have been reluctant to post about this recipe, because it is not so good by any standard, but I guess I might as well post about it.  So, here is.
Recipe title:  Hot cakes containing enoki
Ingredients for 4 servings:
300 g hot cake mix
2 M size eggs
150 ml milk
100 ml easily made enoki goori.  See below.
Directions:  Making easily made enoki goori
1. Finely chop 3 packs (200 g x 3 = 600 g) enoki.
2. Put in an I-Wrap bag and heat in a microwave for 4-5 min.
3. Put in a blender, add 450 ml water, and process in the blender.
This way, you can make about 1 kg easily made enoki goori.
Put it in an ice tray, and freeze.
Making hot cakes
1. In a mixing bowl, put 2 M eggs and 150 ml water, and mix well.
2. Add hot cake mix and easily made enoki goori, and mix well.
3. Pour 1/4 (about 1.5 ladlefuls) of the mix in a non-stick frying pan with a diameter of 18 cm.
4. Put on the lid, and cook for about 3 min. over very low heat.
5. Flip over, and cook for about 2 min.
Cooking time: 20 min. (40 min. if you start by making enoki goori).
Comments:  I’ve wanted to make sweets using mushrooms.  Cake with mushrooms in it, milk shake, ice cream, etc., etc.  When I talked about them to my children, however, their reaction was not so encouraging.  I don’t think they will taste bad…
To minimize the risk, I decided to put mushroom in hot cakes first.
I have previously made hot cakes with soy pulp in them, and they went very well, so I was confident this time.  Just as I had expected, I succeeded in making tasty hot cakes, with the presence of enoki being hardly noticeable.
I would like to incorporate mushrooms into other sweets, too, in the future!
Postscript:  I recently learned that the correct pronounciation of “えのき氷” is enoki goori.  I had assumed that it was called enoki koori.  It seems that its recognition has increased more recently, and I hear that enoki goori is sold at local large supermarkets here.
That being said, it’s a little too much to buy it, and it’s troublesome to make it yourself (you have to simmer for 1 hour while stirring!).  So, I think that it will be the easiest way to either pan-fry or heat in a microwave and then process in a blender.  The resultant enoki goori may not have the same effect as authentic enoki goori, but I think it is the same in that you can consume a large amount of enoki.
レシピタイトル えのき入りホットケーキ
材料・分量 (4人前)
ホットケーキの素 300 g
卵 Mサイズ 2個
牛乳 150 ml
簡単えのき氷(ごおり) 100 ml。下記参照。
作り方 簡単えのき氷の作り方
1.えのき3パック(200 g x 3 = 600 g)を細かく刻む。
3.ミキサーに入れ、水を450 ml加える。ミキサーにかける。
簡単えのき氷が約1 kgできる。
1.ボールに卵M2個、牛乳を150 ml入れ、よく混ぜる。
3.直径18 cmのテフロン加工のフライパンに1/4流し込む(お玉で約1.5杯)。
料理時間 20分(えのき氷を作ることから始める場合は、40分)
コメント 以前より、きのこを使ったお菓子を作りたいと思っていました。きのこ入りのケーキ、ミルクセーキ、アイスクリームなどなど。でも子供たちに話しても、反応がイマイチ。まずくはないでしょうが・・・。
追伸: 「えのき氷」は「えのきごおり」と読むと最近知りました。「えのきこおり」だと思っていました。最近、ますます認知度が上がってきたようで、地元の大きなスーパーでも「えのき氷」が売られているそうです。

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