Bento for my Family/家族のお弁当

Japanese Food

Today, I got up at 4:25 and made a bento for my son, who had to leave home before 5:30 to participate in a track meet. After he left home, I also made bento for my wife, my daughter, and myself. Today was Field Day at my daughter’ elementary school.

Onigiri (rice balls):

Three different ingredients, salmon flakes, wakana (a type of green), and red perilla.

I tend to make more onigiri than necessary, but that’s OK, because I can’t have enough of them.

Sadly, three of the bento items are frozen foods: Chicken karaage, yakisoba, and edamame.
悲しいことに、弁当の具材のうち三つは冷凍食品です: 鶏の唐揚げ、焼きそば、エ枝豆。

Each bento box, a free gift from a green tea dealer, has two tiers, with the upper tier provided with an air-tight lid.

Tsuki usagi (lunar rabbits) are adorable, aren’t they?

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