Cabbage Hamburgers/キャベツハンバーグ

Japanese Food
We got three heads of cabbage from my father, among others. Since then, I’ve been thinking of good ways to use them up. One of them is to use some to make hamburgers instead of onions.
I finely chopped 1/4 cabbage, put in a mixing bowl, added 1 tsp salt, and let sit for 5 min. or so. Then, I squeezed, and added it to about 350 g ground pork. I added one egg, some panko (Japanese bread crumbs), and pepper (but no salt). The texture was just right, much firmer than the ground pork + fried onion version.
キャベツ1/4をみじん切りして、ボールに入れ、塩を小さじ1足し、5分程度おいてから、絞り、豚のひき肉約350 gに入れました。卵1個、パン粉、胡椒を入れました(塩は入れてません)。固さはちょうど良く、ひき肉+炒めた玉ねぎよりもずっと固かったです。 

Just as I had imagined, the hamburgers were very delicious with their unique texture.

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