Chicken Ama-Kara Yaki/鶏の甘辛焼き

Japanese Food
Yesterday, we got some very good naga negi from my father-in-law.  My wife said she wanted to have that dish with chicken.
We are not sure how to call this dish.  We learned it from a TV cooking program more than a decade ago, and we have made it from time to time since then.  I tentatively call it tori no ama-kara yaki.
Ama < Amai = Sweet
Kara < Karai < Shio karai = Salty
Thus, ama-kara means sweet and salty.  Soy sauce and sugar and/or mirin are used to create this flavor.  This is one of the most favored flavors among the Japanese people.
First, I pan-fried naga negi with some sesame oil.
Before the naga negi was completely done, I transferred it to a plate.
I cut one chicken thigh into one-bite pieces, dusted with flour, and pan-dried them with some oil.  Before they were completely done, I added the naga negi.   I also added 50 ml soy sauce and 50 ml mirin.  I simmered with the lid on.
鶏の腿肉を一つ、一口サイズに切り、小麦粉を振り、少量の油で炒めました。完全に火が通る前に、長ねぎを足しました。また、しょう油50 ml、みりん50 mlも足しました。蓋をして煮ました。
The ama-kara flavored dish should be such that you will feel it a little too salty when you taste it, so that when you have it with cooked rice, you will feel it’s just right.

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