Curry Nabe/カレー鍋

Japanese Food

Tonight’s supper was some marvelous marbled buri (adult yellowtail) sashimi plus curry nabe made by my wife.

Buri caught in winter are called kan buri, and are very fatty.
(Note that one slice of sashimi in the lower right corner had been eaten before this photo was taken.)

The broth was:
1,600 ml water
2 tsp instant dashi
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 store-bought curry roux blocks

水 1,600 ml
出汁の素 小さじ2
しょう油 大さじ1
市販のカレールー 2ブロック

I should have said curry udon nabe.

We later added frozen sanuki udon to the nabe.

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