Dagashi (Cheap Sweets)/駄菓子

Japanese Food

Today, my daughter got these dagashi free of charge when she participated in an event held at the garbage disposal facilities nearby.

Note: Koala’s March (lower right corner) and Kappa Ebisen (bag with a shrimp picture printed on it) are usually not considered dagashi.
注: コアラのマーチ(右下)とかっぱえびせん(エビの絵が印刷された袋)は普通、駄菓子とは見なされません。

I have fond memories of dagashi, but sadly, I’m not familiar with any of the dagashi she was given, except the Baby Star Ramen.

I think Yawaraka (= Soft) Konnyaku Jelly (center of the photo) is a good idea. Because of the shape, it should be less risky in terms of choking. (I hope I am right.)

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