Daikon-and-Carrot Salad/大根とにんじんのサラダ

Japanese Food

This post of Kiki made me realize that I hadn’t made daikon-and-carrot salad instead of namasu (osechi ryori).

I made daikon-and-carrot salad as part of supper tonight.

I used the last three of the yuzu my father had sent us.

As you may know, a yuzu contains a lot of seeds and not much juice. I managed to extract this amount of juice from the three yuzu.

To the juice, I added equal amounts of water and soy sauce and 1/4 tsp instant dashi to make instant ponzu.

1/3 daikon
1/2 carrot
1 tsp salt
Combine them all, let stand, and squeeze, and add some yuzu zest.
大根 1/3本
にんじん 1/2本
塩 小さじ1

This salad was very, very good!

I made tazukuri-like snack without almonds, using 130 g niboshi. (See “Osechi Ryori 4: Tazukuri/御節(おせち)料理4:田作り” for details.) It was so good that we finished it off today.
煮干しを130 g使って、田作りに似たスナックをアーモンドなしで作りました(「Osechi Ryori 4: Tazukuri/御節(おせち)料理4:田作り」をご参照)。美味しくて、今日全部食べちゃいました。

I also made kimchi, using “Kimchee Base”.

The main dish was cream stew, made with store-bought stew mix.

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