Dried Enoki Kakiage/干しえのきのかき揚げ

Japanese Food
In early October, I got a bag of dried enoki from a neighbor.  I added some of it to miso soup, fried rice, and some other dishes.  Yesterday, I decided to add the rest of it to kakiage.
I first microwaved it for 20 seconds or so to bring out the dried squid-like flavor.
Then, I added it to the carrot and onion.
I first made gyoniku (fishmeat) tempura, followed by kabocha tempura and sweet potato tempura.  
The tempura batter was a little too thick for kakiage, so I added some water.  When making kakiage, make sure you leave extra batter in the bowl when scooping up some of the ingredients (using a spoon, a slotted ladle, a pair of chopstick, or something similar) to put in the fryer, because no one wants to have heavy kakiage.
I don’t care about kakiage of varied shapes and sizes.  If you do, use some kind of mold (used can, for example).
A quarter of a carrot and a quarter of an onion result in this amount of kakiage.
This is all the tempura I made last night.  We had cold soba with it.
Some of the leftover tempura will be frozen to be put in my son’s bento.

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