Ebi Fries/エビフライ

Japanese Food

Today, all of a sudden, my daughter said she wanted to have ebi fries (prawns breaded and deep fried). She said she liked the tartar sauce that comes with the ebi fries served as part of school lunches at her elementary school.

So, I decided to make ebi fries for supper tonight. I went shopping to buy some frozen prawns. Luckily, I got a pack of 24 “white ebi” for 580 yen.

I dusted each ebi with wheat flour.

Then, I added two eggs and some water in the bowl containing the flour. I beat the eggs thoroughly. This is a trick I learned recently.

This way, you can coat each ebi with panko (Japanese bread crumbs) thoroughly.

The ebi are ready for deep-frying.

I pan-fried the beaten egg-and-flour mixture with some oil.

My daughter asked if I would post about these ebi fries on my blog, and I said yes. She asked me to take a photo of her plate.

Shredded cabbage, three ebi fries, french fries, home-made tartar sauce, and some of the pan-fried egg mixture.

Ebi fries and tartar sauce really go very well together.

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