Ebi Mayo/エビマヨ

Japanese Food

Ebi mayo is another Chinese-style dish popular in Japan. I wanted to make this dish by following Shu Tomitoku’s recipe

Reference (Japanese only)/参考(日本語のみ):
Shu Tomitoku’s Ebi Mayo Recipe/周富徳さんの海老マヨレシピ

Ingredients (4 servings)

12 shrimp
Some salt and sake with which to rub shrimp

*Some salt and pepper
*Potato starch (katakuriko) to coat the shrimp
*Some sesame seed oil
*1/2 egg white

**1 cup mayonnaise
**3 tbsp ketchup
**3 tbsp condensed milk
**2 tbsp evaporated milk
**2 tsp gin
**Some salt and finely chopped parsley

Coarsely chopped cashew nuts



*片栗粉 まぶす程度

**マヨネーズ 1カップ
**ケチャップ 大3
**コンデンスミルク 大3
**エバミルク 大2
**ジン 小2
**塩&パセリみじん切り 少々

1. Devein shrimp, rub with salt and sake, and rinse with water.
2. Mix with the ingredients preceded by an asterisk (*).
3. Make a cut in the back of each shrimp, open the shrimp, and roll in firmly from the tail to the head, with the back inside.
(NOTE: I don’t understand the original Japanese. The above English is a literal translation of the Japanese.)
4. Mix together all the ingredients preceded by two asterisks (**).
5. Coat the shrimp with potato starch, deep-fry in oil at 180C or higher.
6. Mix with the ingredients in 4. while the shrimp are still hot.
7. Sprinkle coarsely chopped cashew nuts.

1. 背ワタを取って、塩、酒でもみ、水で洗う。

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly: I didn’t rub the shrimp with salt and sake, I didn’t devein the shrimp, I didn’t follow step 3 because I wasn’t sure what the step meant, I replaced evaporated milk with milk, I reduced the amount of mayonnaise to a half, as well as the other ingredients marked with two asterisks, etc., etc.

According to other sites, the condensed milk keeps the mayonnaise from separation.

I shelled the shrimp, removed the tails from them, dried the tails and shells in the microwave, and ground them in my Milser (a small blender). I later added some white sesame seeds and some salt. Simple furikake was made!

Confession: My first attempt was not a success: I overcooked the shrimp. Considering the high fat content of this dish, I don’t think I’ll make another try. My wife said she preferred ebi chili because it was spicy. I agree with her on this point.
告白: 初めての試みは成功しませんでした。海老に火を通し過ぎました。

Edited to add this photo on March 8:

For lunch today, I had the leftover ebi mayo with a slice of toasted bread, mizuna (a type of green), and the furikake that I made last night. It wasn’t bad.

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