Enoki Koori (Enoki Ice), Continued/えのき氷、続き

Japanese Food

This post is continued from the February 17, 2011 post.
February 17, 2011の投稿の続きです。

For lunch today, I had some leftover curry with some of the enoki koori.

To properly make enoki koori, the three steps are required:
1. Processing in a blender
2. Simmering for one hour*
3. Freezing for breaking the cell walls

Enoki koori has been invented to facilitate the intake of mushroom chitosan, which has the effect of suppressing the accumulation of fat in the organs and blood. Enoki contains the most mushroom chitosan of all mushrooms, but for the substance to be effective in your body, you have to eat 100 g enoki per day.

* Simmering causes the protein to go away, but keeps intact the mushroom chitosan, which is a type of carbohydrate.

1. ミキサーで砕く
2. 1時間煮込む*
3. 細胞壁を壊すため冷凍する

えのき氷は、臓器や血液への脂肪の蓄積を抑制する効果のある、きのこチトサンの摂取を簡単にするために発明されました。えのきはすべてのきのこの中で最も多くきのこチトサンを含みます。しかし、体の中でこの物質が効果を発揮するには、一日にえのきを100 gも食べる必要があります。

* 煮込むとタンパク質はなくなりますが、糖質の一種であるきのこチトサンは残ります。

I have no idea if my enoki koori, which was not made in a proper way, has the same effect as properly made enoki koori, but I can say that my way is very easy, and will help you consume enoki in large quantities.

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